Thursday Night Ride 3/11/05

We’re riding at Delamere. Be there, or don’t.
If you need to know where we’re meeting, mail us.


16 Responses to “Thursday Night Ride 3/11/05”

  1. Glenn says:

    Wow, Blog, I’ve no idea what it is but I like it …..

  2. It’s all the rage amongst the web cogniscenti. Short for Web log, apparently.

    See you later – I’m just about to take your Blur to bits…

  3. H says:

    Not ano new frame Glen?

  4. Hopefully not, just a slightly wonky bearing – fingers crossed.

  5. crayons says:

    Aministrator sounds a bit strict, a hint of spiked heel boots and stockings?

  6. Glenn says:

    Woah – good luck – Have I showed you the shrine I have built in the garden out of loctite, grease and torque wrenches? It’s right next to the burning effigy of a big rubber mallet ….

    Getting that axle out may prove ‘challenging’. Hopefully Ag’s passed you the new one as I’m sure the threads are spannered now in that one. Either that or those metal bits are shards off the bearings / monolink?

    I can’t bear to look ……

  7. H says:

    could well be a Blur if you have drunk all that Leffe!

  8. crayons says:

    ride still on?

    looked outside, there’s some animals stood next to a bloke with a beard building a big boat

    and its raining

  9. Rain never stops play.

  10. Glenn says:

    Nah that’s just me you’ve seen, with the cats. I’m rushing it so I can get out on the bike.
    If we’re still building it then it ain’t truly wet.
    It’s when we’re inside the boat you need to worry

  11. Sideways Tim says:

    Glenn, the Blur is done – want me to bring it?

  12. crayons says:

    pleasant evening, thanks to all for the company. I Seem to be struggling to ride coherently at the moment?

    my fitness is better, just can’t steer the thing?

  13. Steve says:

    Steering was a bonus last night. Great stuff, but a tighter agenda would surely have allowed more drinking time? Tim: the new face of North Shore.

  14. Sideways Tim says:

    Oh yeah, that’s me alright.

  15. Steve says:

    That was the face of concentration hurtling towards me right?

  16. Sideways Tim says:

    Yup, definitely not blind panic, mixed with utter terror.