It was warm, wet and windy…

Well, Thursday’s ride was certainly damp. Mark I, Mark II, Craig, Glenn, Ag, Keith and Debs were there along with a nice surprise in the form of Steve Riley and Billy Crayons (Gary). The trails were unsurprisingly wet and it was blowing a gale. Rain later didn’t stop play, and we were out for a good two hours, much to everyone’s surprise. Notable moments were the continual getting lostness of it all (come back soon Dave Dodd) and Gary’s comedy crashes – resulting, apparently, in a broken finger. Get mended soon. Podcast number five footage is here, feed is here and you can subscribe via iTunes, here.

I was informed to day that podcasts are purely self indulgent egotism.
I have to agree, but as long as people keep listening, I’ll keep talking shite.

4 Responses to “It was warm, wet and windy…”

  1. crayons says:

    apparently it is cracked, not broken now (it fookin hurts so what’s the difference?)

  2. matt says:

    less sympathy?

  3. Sideways Tim says:

    Well, at least it’s mending quickly 🙂

  4. crayons says:

    ho and indeed hum