This weeks ride…

Will be the muddy hell that is Longdangler.
Call for details, or mail, or pop in – whatever.

7 Responses to “This weeks ride…”

  1. crayons says:

    where is it?

  2. Zola says:

    Ann Robinson’s favourite country…

  3. Sideways Tim says:

    Near Wrecks’um.

  4. Glenn says:

    That’ll be me coming along then – I was there bright and early Saturday and despite the rain last week it was surprisingly un-too-muddy, except the last bit which then made up for it.

  5. crayons says:

    more than likely me as well then,

    obviously I will adjust my saddle and change the stem and twiddle some of the twiddly things on the forks, because I will need to imply the bike is at fault when it goes tits up.

  6. crayons says:

    less than likely me then, work crap to do 🙁

    and finger hurts when I bend it

    (awaits well don’t bend it comment)

  7. Simon says:

    Don’t bend it!