Frosty Freeze…

I’m back from the Peaks and it was great. The occasion was a birthday celebration for a certain Rob Fisk, otherwise known as Merlinman. 60 years old and still stupid enough to drink too much alcohol, go to bed a 04:00 am and then spew up at the top of the first climb, an inspiration to us all.

We stayed at the Bamford bunkhouse, which is perfect for a group of riders. There’s a shop and two pubs within 100yds. The celebrations continued long into the small hours and then we rode on a crisp, frosty, perfect English winter day. The trails were mostly dry and grippy, the hills were steep and rocky and the riders were all over the place (well, those that actually managed to get out of bed and go riding were).

The VooDoo was pretty damn fine, but I fear a slightly twisted mech hanger was the cause of some annoying ghost shifts. The Formula Oro brakes were excellent, bags of power, great modulation and have a really good smell when they get hot. Those damn weird Ergon grips were very comfortable too. I can’t say I’m a convert, but I certainly wouldn’t avoid them.

Many were the spills, but no serious injuries – apart from Tim and Bee’s tandem rear wheel, which imploded on a rocky decent. Big mess and the end of their ride.

Home now, while the others party on one more night, with another ride planned for Sunday – I hope they make it, the conditions out there are just too good to miss at the moment.

I was planning to edit the video footage that I got from the ride, but it would appear that the extreme cold cut short my battery life somewhat – I’ll see what there is and cobble something together though…

*Update* The video footage was short, mostly fire road and/or standing around and due to my ineptitude, at about 45 degrees to the left. Never mind, better luck next time, eh?

7 Responses to “Frosty Freeze…”

  1. matt says:

    Those brakes look like they’re a great price too!

  2. Sideways Tim says:

    I’ve no idea how much they are :-/

  3. matt says:

    CRC seem to suggest 99 ish.

  4. Simon says:

    It was an ace weekend. I decided not to ride today, need sleep.

    Some pics…

  5. Glenn says:

    You missed a good short ride on the Sunday, it was still crispy nice but a little warmer than the Saturday. Lots of mud though – I could write a review on Spec Roll-X perfomance in mud in one word ! The group had about 8 punctures which made for lots of standing around but the descent back into Hope made up for all that. I had a comedy tumble going uphill which seemed to sum up my riding style nicely.

  6. Nick says:

    Aye, t’was indeed a short ride, but all the puncture fixing extended the time required a little.