We just found a stash of DUC32 forks that we thought we hadn’t got. Buy ’em now and save a bundle…

Clicky here for the full skinny.

17 Responses to “Oops…”

  1. matt says:

    How the heck do you not know you have them!
    You’re a crazy man, shame I don’t need some.

  2. matt says:

    Buy some, Gray, they’ll work on the Chuck and whatever you buy next year 😉

  3. Sideways Tim says:

    Hey – stock control has never been a big priority. I kind of thought we had some, I’d just not bothered looking for them.

    Listen to Matt – he’s right Gray…

  4. Gray says:

    Hmmm. I dunno. There’d be the whole “need a new wheel” thing, and of course the whole “moving to London so don’t much need lots of travel” thing. No, I mustn’t buy some, that would be silly. I may pop down and see you tomorrow anyway though Uncy Tim – I’ve got the day off work, and may need to find something to do to avoid christmas shopping.

  5. Sideways Tim says:

    Cool, I was planning a sex party for tomorrow anyway.

  6. Gray says:

    Yay! I’ll bring the aubergine this time.

  7. Sideways Tim says:

    Is she the cute one?

  8. Gray says:

    Heh. No, if you mean who I think you mean then she’ll be working.

    You’ve still not been introduced to my real live (straight) ladyfriend, have you? She’ll be working tomorrow too. Ah well. I’ll draw you a picture.

  9. Sideways Tim says:

    Take me some photos 🙂

  10. Cris B says:

    I can only assume certain areas of the Alsager Emporium have tardis like properties were such fancy kit can be lost and then magically found again.

  11. Sideways Tim says:

    Er, no – we just put some in the loft at some point and forgot about them.

  12. matt says:

    So what bike are you buying from Tim tomorrow, Gray?
    You should buy a spot, that would be nice.

  13. Sideways Tim says:

    Perfect for London 🙂

  14. matt says:

    TOO GOOD FOR LONDON, really 😉

  15. salsaboy says:

    London’s streets are full of potholes, DUCs would be my first choice for a ‘London specific’ fork.

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