I’m bionic…

Well, not really, but I do have a knee brace, after deciding against surgery to replace my snapped ACL. It’s quite comfortable too. I’m supposed to go and see what I can actually do now, without my leg giving way. Running, snowboarding, and martial arts are all on the cards – yippee. Hope the damn thing works, I need to shift about 45lbs of excess weight (after Christmas).

Look out for a svelte new me sometime in the new year.

13 Responses to “I’m bionic…”

  1. Glenn says:

    If it’s anything like our festive eating habits by after Christmas it may well be 60lbs to shift. I was the knee brace king for ages after a running injury many moons ago, they all start off comfortable but wait until you get a well of sweat and chaffing behind it. Being as light as you can certainly helps but custom made – from Snow and rock, it’s the only way ….

    …7.30 on Thurs or festively different?

  2. Sideways Tim says:

    I’ll take it for a run sometime and report back. It’s about £300 worth, so I’m hoping it should be ace.

  3. Pete L says:

    You dont get much bike stuff for £300 infact that aint much more than the new tempting Mav post, hmm one of those on each leg could assist in fast leg movement!!!

  4. Zola says:

    It’ll be hot and sweaty – just how you like it…


    ‘king Volvo drivers…..

  5. salsaboy says:

    we can be in a skinny single speed team at Mayhem then tim 🙂

  6. what happened? says:

    to yer knee? sory to hear…is it complete rupture or tear? collaterals damaged?


  7. dRj0n says:

    said what happened? sorry sorry, technology is so beguiling and so worrisome

  8. dRj0n says:

    is it partial/total rupture? collaterals?

  9. Sideways Tim says:

    Total snappage of the ACL – about ten years ago now – nothing too worrisome.

  10. karen gouldbourn says:

    Hi there

    I suffered a total rupture of my right acl Feb 2004- ski-ing long story! taken on a red run on my 2nd day!. I am almost back to normal – I play netball mixed and also at a high level. I am going ski-ing in Feb this year and am having private lessons first at the snowdome. I have a brace that I was given after my op but not sure whether it will be ok for sport – ski-ing in particular. How do you rate the brace from snow and rock? I was thinking of going down that route? How long did it take and does it slip down? Mine slips down just walking in snow. Cheers

  11. Sideways Tim says:

    Hey Karen, Glenn had the Snow and Rock brace and reckoned it was excellent. I’ve not really tried mine in anger yet, but I’ll post up the results when I do.

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