UPS – Unimpressive Poor Service.

Well, I know why UPS wear brown uniforms now – it’s because they are a shower of shite.

A parcel arrived here on Thursday from IF, it was a frame and as is usual, there was duty, VAT and handling charges to pay on it. The charges seemed higher than I expected, so a quick calculation on my behalf proved that whichever monkey UPS have doing their sums had kindly charged us three times more than what was due.
I point this out to the driver (who is super stressed at the work-load he has to clear and really can’t afford any delays to his schedule) and quickly get on the phone to sort it out. After completing the automated service to get to the correct department, the operator kindly puts the phone down on me when I explain that they need to re-calculate the charges. I send the driver (with parcel) off on his rounds and try to get through again.
Eventually after leaving a message, someone gets back to me about it. It seems that yes, they have grossly miscalculated the charges, but can’t simply re-do them. No, it seems that I have to call HMC&E, get the correct tariff code and corresponding rate of duty, then email UPS with all the details and proof that what is in the box, is actually what is in the box. With that information, they can then do their job correctly.
It takes about an hour to get through to an operator at customs, who gives me the info I need, so I mail UPS to get the paperwork sorted out and the frame re-delivered. Apparently, I can either wait until they have re-done the customs clearance and UPS get a refund from HMC&E (which takes about 30 days!), or I can pay the overcharge and then wait for UPS to get their money back and then they will refund me somehow!

So, basically because UPS are stupid, I have to either wait a month for my goods, or overpay and be out of pocket for the same time period. How great is that?

Here’s a tip – if you have to send a parcel anywhere, ever, AVOID UPS – they stink.

9 Responses to “UPS – Unimpressive Poor Service.”

  1. salsaboy says:

    wot woz in the box?

  2. Simon says:

    It was a frame from IF, can’t you read Andy?


  3. Sideways Tim says:

    A Ti Deluxe, not a Breadstick 🙂

  4. Zola says:

    Buy British 🙂

    Sarcin do some nice frames….

    Really enjoyed the IF interview, Tim – top podcast 🙂

  5. salsaboy says:

    I can read perfectly well simon, my comprehension on the other hand is rubbish.

  6. Gray says:

    I think your rant is impressively restrained there Uncle Tim. I once had UPS pay import tax etc charges for me on a package I received from the states. They also charge a fee for having done so, IIRC. I was really quite pissed off about that. I didn’t ask them to pay those taxes for me. I don’t see how they can demand payment for having done so. I didn’t pay UPS to deliver the goods to me – the sender did. The contents of the package belong to me. I don’t understand how they can reasonably withhold the package from you / me – it is my property. If they’ve paid HMC&E the correct or incorrect taxes then that’s their business. If I receive something on which taxes should be paid, then it’s my responsibility to pay them – I don’t want to pay someone else to do it for me. The thieving cnutwnakers!

    I’d have been tempted to tell the delivery driver that the contents of the parcel belong to me, and that if he doesn’t hand it over then I’m calling the police! You could then pay HMC&E the taxes due, and tell UPS to feck right off. I dare say there’s some reason why you can’t do that, but hey. 🙂 Afternoon!

  7. Andy S says:

    In my experience, and I imagine that the IF that was in the box was destined for a customer, but I would be concerned waiting for a refund of monies paid up front. A bike in a box is a nuisance to me, your money in their account (along with who knows how many other companies money) is interest earned. You’ll probably get the frame in 30 days, will you get the money back that quick? You may, but then again……

  8. Andy S says:

    yeah ok a bike in a boxis a nuisance to me, but it’s even more of a nuisance to ’em.

  9. Cris B says:

    If it’s a one off then it could be just that. UPS, like Parcelforce or USPS or TNT or any other company is a big organisation with a multinational links. They like all of us make mistakes from time to time, but it’s the way they handle it that stinks.

    It’s like the old boy who popped his clogs after he pulled over from the motorway and had a hearattack. Was whisked off to hospital and then the AA refused to pick up his car because his membership had lapsed (terminally). Despite call centre staff being told they could make exceptions in times of crisis, they refused to do so and the grieving family understandably went national with their story of poor service.

    Thing is if you want really good service, like someone to make you a brew while you’re visiting, treating you like a friend and having a real interest in you or your company you need to be dealing with the little guy who really cares. They might not be the cheapest, or the most convenient, but you can bet the service will be second to none. I think there’s an opening in the international freight industry. Any backers?