We’re getting rid of loads of ex demo and old stock. The best method of bagging a bargain, is to come to the shop with a wheelbarrow full of used notes and see what takes your fancy. There’s a few things on the website, but I can’t be arsed putting it all on there – so pop along and see what you might like.

11 Responses to “Clearout”

  1. Glenn says:

    That red Spot frame is taking up a lot of space ….

  2. crayons says:

    do you only give demos to tall people?

    how come there is no 16″ loveliness on offer?

  3. matt says:

    I have a bag of pennies waiting 😉

  4. Mad Ag McAg says:

    Crayons, next time your in make sure you ask to see 16inches of loveliness 😉

  5. Sideways Tim says:

    He’d have to look twice.

  6. Zola says:

    …or three times, even 😀

  7. crayons says:

    At that point do you appear out of the workshop in a plumber’s outfit?

    that’s starting to sound like a 1970’s dodgy video.

  8. Sideways Tim says:

    Nope, just a pair of leather chaps.

  9. salsaboy says:


  10. Andy S says:


  11. matt says:

    It sounds like a Gay Western.

    I don’t want to see Tim’s Six Shooter.