Um, not much going on…

It’s all been a bit boring lately – nothing new and great or anything super happening.
Did talk to the Maverick boys and it seems that we’ll have some Hard Anodized ML7/5’s arriving shortly, with matching DUC32’s, which will be nice. Other than that the only new thing is the arrival of the Phil Wood external bearings – these are super high quality bearings with right good seals, to replace the ones you’ve worn out in your Shimano or RaceFace BB. They’re not cheap, but they are cheaper than a new BB. plus, you’re not throwing away the perfectly good cups, so it makes sense that way too. The tools are really nicely made and make it easy for us to swap your bearings out – but they cost about £120, so it’s not a home workshop job.

Swing by and take a look…

8 Responses to “Um, not much going on…”

  1. matt says:

    Them be expensive bearings!

  2. matt says:

    and after reading the post PROPERLY I will revise it to say

  3. Pete says:

    So how much are the bearings Mr J, and how much for fitting to a non Sideways supplied bicycle

  4. Simon says:

    I must start riding my blur again so that I can wear the Shimano bearings out and get some posh Phil Wood ones 😉

  5. Sideways Tim says:

    Matt – the tool is actually quite good value, it’s really nice 🙂

    Pete, if the cups are out then to swap the bearings is £30. A little more if we have to be removing cranks and taking cups from the frame.

    Simon, damn straight you will.

  6. Tom says:

    I am so glad I only have one of Bec’s bikes on external bearings otherwise I’d end up buying the tool as well.

  7. salsaboy says:

    why does this excite me 🙁

  8. Cris B says:

    I was thinking that some “Phil Inside” stickers might be order. Might have to photoshop something together.