Turners are in…

We’ve just had a few of the new TNT linkage Turner 5 Spot. They ride just like the old version, but Dave Turner no longer has to pay Specialized for the fun of using something they should never have been given a patent on. The fact that he’s done a u-turn on years of praise for the Horst link hasn’t gone un-noticed, so we’re planning on offering something else as well, just for the true four bar officianado.

Here’s a photo of the new anodized blue 5 Spot – it’s purdy.
Tuner 5 Spot - TNT linkage bollocks.

Personally, I’ve always thought it was the geometry and handling that made Turners nice, so the change of platform don’t bother me none.

9 Responses to “Turners are in…”

  1. Andy S says:

    I noticed while flicking through the new Cyclingplus in Smiths on Sat that the advert for the Titus importers has Sideways Cycles listed as a dealer. So will this be your Four Bar/Horst Link alternative? Assuming Titus are 4-Bar?

  2. Sideways Tim says:

    Does the S in your moniker stand for Sherlock?


  3. matt says:

    I have a Turner, never use it. Thanks for listening 🙂

  4. Nick says:

    Spot badges, velocity rims, and spanky anodised Turners.

    It’s not safe in Cheshire at the moment!

  5. matt says:


    Tim should start a Savings Scheme.

    How much are Turners nowadays?

  6. Simon says:

    I thought that you said you were going to buy that purple Spot hanging up in the shop Matt?

  7. Hugo says:

    So I take it Tim they will be considerably less to buy as there are now no patent fees?!

  8. Sideways Tim says:

    Yeah – right!

    The fee for using a Horst is only $1 per frame I seem to recall.

  9. matt says:

    so they’ll be $1 cheaper then?