Maverick stuff is in…

Finally, we’ve got some stock back in – the new ML7/5 is the daddy. It’s a 5″ travel, super stiff beast – just perfect for almost anything. We’ll sling a demo bike together ASAP, but you’ll not be riding it, ’cause I will be doing.

The new Hard Ano forks are in too, as are proper 29er kits. Come on down and do the funky shuffle.

2 Responses to “Maverick stuff is in…”

  1. crayons says:

    we’ll just look impressed from afar then. I think afar is near afan?

  2. Glenn says:

    I dare say this will fall in the unknown yet catagory, unless you can find out – but seattube length on the XL ? (i.e. ‘ML7 – proper big so I could do with one’ or ‘ML8 – you call that XL, look at that seatpost … ?’. Alternatively an answer in inches is fine.

    Doe’s on the lash tonight so I won’t be out ….