Times past

I had a big fire today to get rid of a load of tree branches and accumulated combustable materials. One of the things we burned was the old wooden sign that used to sit in the hedge out front. When I originally made the sign, I handpainted it with the logo’s of the companies that we dealt with back then. Crackling away in the flames went Ridgeback (who we dropped when they stopped making excellent value hybrids), Gary Fisher (who we dropped when they let us down with some warranty parts and then insisted on a silly size stock in order), DeKerf (who kind of fizzled out though we’d like to still be working with Chris – who knows?), Specialized (who we’re still doing our best with), VooDoo (which again fizzled out but has now, phoenix like, arisen from the ashes) and Mongoose, S&M, Standard and some other BMX companies (which all stopped, weirdly one weekend).

It was nice to sit and reflect on the ups and downs of the companies we’ve dealt with over the years and pleasing to realise that through it all, we’re still here, while Lily made mud and carrot soup nearby.

7 Responses to “Times past”

  1. snakebite says:

    Fires are ace.

    Sitting staring at the flames often induce trance like periods of nostalgia…..

    especially when a gallon or so of Stella has flowed while camping….

    must have more fires….

  2. Phil says:

    A gallon of Stella and a fire has nothing on a Gallon of Diesel and a fire.

  3. Andy S says:

    Half a pound of cellulose nitrate. And don’t come crying to me when you’re missing eye brows (or eyes)!

  4. matt says:

    .. don’t come LOOKing for me, would have been funnier 🙂

  5. salsaboy says:

    Can I have the recipe for the Mud and Carrot soup, or is it just mud and carrots?

    Just call me Sherlock.

  6. Sideways Tim says:

    There were definitely some pine cones in it. And bark. Lots of bark.

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