Website ideas?

I’m off to see the wizard this week, to do very important web stuff. Here’s a chance for you to suggest anything that you’d,like to see on the ‘proper’ website Plans include a gallery of random photo’s, pictures of bikes we’ve built etc.

Any thoughts for what else you’d like to see? What we could do better or differently?


11 Responses to “Website ideas?”

  1. Leigh says:

    Well, I’m rather fond of the Competitive Cyclist gallery of bikes they’ve built:

    But then I am a bike tart.

  2. matt says:

    Speedgoat do a nice gallery thing too.

    On your site i’d like to see more images of products you mention on the site, rather than the stock images you have, especially some of the frames.

    I can give you loads more ideas, but I’ve not thought about it, but play on the ‘friendly shop’ vibe. No one listens to me anyway, so just do what you think’s right.

  3. Andy S says:

    Just an idea, how about some maps or multimap links to Thursday night meeting spots? I know that could be a Copyright cost thing but if it could be done for nowt it might be good. Was talking to a couple of Black Country lads at the Chase on Sunday and they expressed interest in Thursday rides but were a little concerned about navigation.

  4. Sideways Tim says:

    Ah, well the problem there lies in making the meeting spot of a group of folks who will be in a remote area and be leaving their cars unattended for some time, public knowledge.

    Having to piss about once after getting a window put through and a bag of stuff nicked, it’s not something I want to repeat.

  5. Andy Corso says:

    More pictures of Judith!

  6. Sideways Tim says:

    Calm down tiger.

  7. Andy S says:

    Ah very good point Mr J. Just a thought!

    More pics of Ag!?

  8. Zola says:

    Ag is actually Tim following his latest diet success 😀

  9. salsaboy says:

    more recipes from lilly, that carrot and mud soup rocked

  10. crayons says:

    It made me ill, but I think I am allergic to pine cones……..or mud

  11. crayons says:

    how about changing the header cartoon, you’ve had that one for ages, didn’t I send about 5 over?