Thursday Ride…

Lets all go to lovely Hanchurch. It’s great.

Call or mail for details and shite.

7 Responses to “Thursday Ride…”

  1. Dave Dodd says:

    I’ll be there, and I’m going to ride a god damned geared bike for once. Maybe.
    Could do with a new middle ring though.
    So maybe not.
    Unless you have a Raceface 32 in stock Tim (5 bolt)?

  2. Andy S says:

    I’m going to be tempted and say that I’ll be there. Assuming I don’t end up working this evening instead, but I shall try my best. I’ll ring for meeting place, though i think I know where you do meet. Hopefully see you later.

  3. Andy S says:

    Is anyone coming tonight? I’m looking good for it but not bothered if no one is turning up, I’ve got lots to be done here at work.

  4. Mark 1 says:

    Count me in.

    Need to stretch the legs after last weekends Enduro.

    See you later Tim.

  5. Sideways Tim says:

    Well that worked out just great 🙁

    How was the ride?

  6. Dave Dodd says:

    More awesome than an awesome thing on an awesome day.

    Ian gave us a guided tour, some new tracks, and it was dry, dry, dry.

    New person there, Rog, that everyone thought must be Andy (see above), and he seemed to enjoy himself. There was me, Ian, John, Mark, Craig, Hugo, Rog and Glenn. Glenn concluded that a week in the Alps would get him in better shape (I think)

    Great ride, hope the knee’s ok.


  7. Hugo says:

    Good tour of the woods, followed by a pint of the excellent draught Leffe!