No ride tonight…

Too much to do in order to get ready for a weekends riding in Afan. Sorry and all that – feel free to organize something amongst yourselves.

6 Responses to “No ride tonight…”

  1. Andy S says:

    Well the hangover feels better for that anyway!

  2. Hugo says:

    Will be doing a quick hours blast starting 6.46-7pm in Hanchurch, if anyone interested.

  3. Dave Dodd says:

    Can’t do that early Hugo.

    How about a delightful ride in the Peak District. I could put together a lovely ride from either of our usual starting points.

    If anyone is up for it either reply here or text me on 07738300629


  4. Hugo says:

    Sadly am on call Dave, so have to stay in the local area, if not would be with you.
    How is the IF coming along?

  5. salsaboy says:

    Are you getting an IF too Dave?

  6. Dave Dodd says:


    Yep, singlespeed steel deluxe. Still about 8/9 weeks till arrival though.

    Will need to sell my Tinbred EBB shortly I think.