High frequency updates…

That’s what I’m planning from now on – almost daily (for a while anyway).
Today we re-arranged the Pedro’s stuff to make it look pretty and be less attractive to shoplifters, we built a few wheels, took in some repairs and generally had a nice easy day.
I went to collect a couple of frames from the Parcel Force depot (two sweet frames from IF) only to be told they were out for delivery, so I had to zip back to be here to pay the driver with a business cheque on delivery (they can’t take cash as it makes them a target for nefarious types).

Decided that we’ll be riding at Hanchurch this week.

3 Responses to “High frequency updates…”

  1. Andy S says:

    I shall try to be making it along to Hanchurch tomorow then. Didn’t do merida but do do a nice little easy (?) ride over by Youlgreave on Monday instead. God I’m unfit, as well as a big wuss. Came amazingly close to a nettle bed dive with half pike and triple selco but managed to save it! Hurrah!

    Say thee

  2. BigJohn says:

    I’m gonna be knackered by 7:30 tomorrow (windsurfing beckons – have you seen the gale warnings?!?!) but I’m serpently gonna be riding somewhere Heads Hanchurch, Tails Milford.

  3. Dave Dodd says:

    I’ll be there.