Badgers Revenge.

Well, it turns out that what I thought was a badger I hit in the van on the way back from Cannock a couple of weeks ago, was in fact a black and white cat, phew. I was feeling guilty about killing a badger, but cats – that’s fine.

We’d just discussed this on last nights ride, while waiting for Dave to mend the chain he broke with his mighty thighs of power, when shortly after on an overgrown descent a damn badger pops out of the undergrowth and nearly takes out my front wheel. I screamed like a girl and very nearly shat myself. Bastards.

3 Responses to “Badgers Revenge.”

  1. crayons says:

    stamp out discourteous wildlife now!

  2. Charlie says:

    Think I almost got the same startelled badger bring up the rear.

    Thanks for a great ride on Thur.

  3. Dave Dodd says:

    Mmmmmmmm mighty thighs of power!!!!!