This weeks ride…

Will be at Macclesfield, please call for meeting point as it’s not the norm. 19:30, bring a pacamac.

4 Responses to “This weeks ride…”

  1. Dave Dodd says:

    Ooohhh. Is it the “other” norm then. I’m intrigued now. Can’t concentrate on work. May have to go home instead.

    Might have Karen MacDonald joining us as she lives in Macc now. She’s dead slow up the hills though. Actually that’s a lie.

    See you there tomorrow. Did you know that pacamac is an anagram of aaapmcc. Staggering. It’s no wonder I have an IQ of 143.

  2. Andy S says:

    That’s 3 more than me you bugger! Not coming out to play tomorrow night now! Bet Karen isn’t as slow as me up hills. But then is anyone?

  3. crayons says:

    It’s no wonder I have an IQ of 143.

    thatt’s an anagram of 14.3

  4. Charlie says:

    Looking out of window I cant see the hills.

    It’s gonna be a wet one.