Maestro Stinks…

crap!more crap!We got some free stickers and shit today, extolling the virtues of a cashless society. Great – so instead of taking cash and using it to pay bills, wages, reduce tax liablity etc.,we should take plastic for everything, be charged for every transaction, not have a currency and accept all fraud liability. I think not, your other half can’t trace how much you spent on your last bike with cash, can she? Maestro Stinks – long live Real Money!

5 Responses to “Maestro Stinks…”

  1. matt says:

    Allegro’s were worse 🙂

  2. Olly says:

    All hail the mighty montego turbo! 😉

  3. Andy S says:

    Hmmmm – Allegro Van Den Plas!

  4. crayons says:

    Square steering wheels; allegro first, now schumaker has one?

    perhaps they were the car of the future and we just didn’t realise

    -probably not

  5. crayons says:

    cash is real and lovely 🙂