Llandegla this week.

Can you think of a good reason why not? Well shut up and ride then. 19:30 be there or don’t.

7 Responses to “Llandegla this week.”

  1. crayons says:

    now if I get last weeks kit out of the boot and scrape the delamere cack off the bike, I might just be there

  2. Charlie says:

    I’m up for it, as long as I have a set of bars to ride with 😉

  3. Dave Dodd says:

    Will be on my way back from London, so won’t be there I’m afraid.

    Take some grippy tyres, it was slippy on Sunday. And make sure you do the new black route section, it’s on the second big hairpin about halfway round. It’s pretty darned good.


  4. Mark 1 says:

    Count me in.

  5. Charlie says:

    What a mess, thought it would take me an hour to get there. Left with 40 min to spare and got lost on the way.

    I eventually got there at 8:10 and tried to catch you guys up, but to no avail.

    Even checked the locals on the way home to see if you had popped in.


    Good riding though.


  6. Sideways Tim says:

    No worries Charlie – Mark and I waited until about 19:50 and then we set off – there’s no way you could have caught us up, we were so fast that we were at the bar with a pint by 20:00.

    Next time, eh…

  7. Hugo says:

    Drat, turned back as I thought I would be too late, but would have easily made 19.50, perhaps I need a contact mobile number.