Dalby Forest…

Great place, had’t been there for years until yesterday for the Pace/Santa Cruz thingy. They’ve got lots of nice stuff to ride along with all the natural (proper) trails too.
I seem to have trapped a nerve in my back, so didn’t ride anything yesterday, it’s easier today though, so I’ll be on for Longdangler tonight. Talking to John North (old giffer, ridden further that everyone else put together) got me thinking though. He’s been diagnosed with Parkinsons disease, yet still takes any and every opportunity to get out and ride his bike, even though the condition had him shaking himself off the Dalby northshore yesterday.

Top man – riding bikes is ace, stop coming up with excuses not to and get out there a bit more.

One Response to “Dalby Forest…”

  1. Andy S says:

    And hasn’t Mr North already recovered from two bouts of cancer? He’s harder that a hard thing! Wish I had 1% of his get up and go!