We’re selling a few demo bikes off…

If we’ve any demo bikes that you fancy, come and make us a offer – the list is:

Turner 5 Spot Medium.
Maverick ML7/5 Medium.
Independent Fabrication Ti Deluxe 19″ish.
VooDoo Aizan 18″
Maverick ML8 Large.

5 Responses to “We’re selling a few demo bikes off…”

  1. BigJohn says:

    [Andy & Lou]
    I want that one
    [/Andy & Lou]

  2. Cas says:

    Im ineterested in the 5 Spot ..can you please email me the full details



  3. Sideways Tim says:

    Hullo, no details for the 5 spot – someone’s bought it.
    Sorry. Fancy a Titus Motolite instead?

  4. Andrew says:

    I’m interested in the ML8 or am I too L8?