Pain in the Arm…

No, really I’ve had a quite debilitating pain in my left arm since the weekend – nothing like it since I had chronic toothache one time. It’s possibly archery related (drawing the bow, not being shot) but whatever it is, it hurts like a very painful thing and my arm keeps spasming (great word, painful process).

Everybody say aaaah.

4 Responses to “Pain in the Arm…”

  1. Simon says:


    Sounds rubbish, hope it’s sorted soon.

  2. salsaboy says:


    Get less worse much quicklier

  3. Ag says:

    Yeah, well I’ve got a particularly nasty mouth ulcer….. but don’t worry, I’ll soldier on.

  4. Rob says:

    Oh dear!

    You’d be better watching Strictly Come Dancing rather than Robin Hood – and Ag, cut down on the Fenwicks……

    GWS both 😉