I’ve got my mojo back…

After a weekend of drinking beer, watching folks having fun riding bikes, I had the curious sensation of wanting to take a spin on a bike today. The shop was quiet, Ag was here, it was sunny out and one of my CX bikes was ready all but for a pump of air and a set of pedals.Wazoo! Rockin’. I threw on some 3/4ers and a jacket and hit the trail. First off it was good to get my legs spinning, the narrow tyres cut through the grime and gave me a surprising turn of speed. Out onto the tarmac for a short but steep climb and I was greeted at the top by a chuffing great rotweiller – he was all mouth and no trousers though, so I simply ignored him and went about my gasping business. Down the other side of the hill and into the woods, sandwiched twixt the A500 and an industrial estate it’s one of my favourite places for a little technical workout.Parrots Drumble Most noticable was the complete lack of grip, both descending and climbing on the CX bike compared to a mountain bike. Loads of fun and very, very wet – this is supposed to be a bridge over the crick.
Where'd the bridge go?

A loop of the woods, many a slip, nary a tumble and I was happy with the fact that my arm seems fine and bikes are great. Home for a shower and that was that. Short, sweet and just enough to leave me wanting more.


4 Responses to “I’ve got my mojo back…”

  1. Simon says:

    Yay indeed 🙂

  2. Steve says:

    Hurrah for Mojos!
    Two for a penny weren’t they?

  3. crayons says:

    spanish gold was my sweet of choice

  4. Andy S says:

    You can’t beat a Fruit Salad surely 8 for 1d when I were a youth, onest injin!

    Sounds ace ride Tim. Need a bit of that me sen!