Spot News…

The first of the Colorado made frames are starting to arrive and they look great.

Colorado, eh?

I’m really excited about this, as it proves to me that the new owners, Cranky Franky, Fuller Love, CB and the other guy are doing things right.


8 Responses to “Spot News…”

  1. Glenn says:

    Lovely – Like the old ones, but at the risk of being picky the decals seem awfully high up the down tube compared to where they used to be, not that these sorts of things matter (unless you are me) but I do think the original position seemed better. More mud clearance is good though – still have nightmares about my Eastnor related chainstay paint-loss …

    34t black 4 arm Middleburn ring then … how ‘sure’ about in stock ? Worth a trip out?

  2. Sideways Tim says:

    Not exactly black, more dark grey.

    Oh, and shut up about the decals 🙂

  3. crayons says:

    are they making any SS road/cyclocross frames? how much?

  4. Andy S says:

    Surely Glenn will buy one so he has a version with both decal positions?

  5. Punkass says:

    They are for sure making SS ‘cross frames, Gary. Timmeh will be your man about prices though. I’ve seen the new SS frames and they are SAWEET!

  6. Punkass says:

    Oh, and Glenn. The decals are all put on by Chris Fuller (see SIngletrack issue #31 gallery. I’ve taken a picture of him applying them). If you want them lower down, I’m sure for a custom frame that would be easy. :~)

  7. Sideways Tim says:

    Not sure on the cost of CX frames gary, I’ll find out though.

    You coming to Delamere?

  8. crayons says:

    Yes, I am coming to Dlamere. I would like to put together some kind of SS road type thing soon.