We’re having a sale…

We are. So if there’s anything we have that you’ve always wanted, come and talk us into a deal on it. We’re open to offers on anything that isn’t ’07 stock. Come and have a mooch about and see what you reckon. There’s demo bikes, frames, forks, parts, loads of clothing and much more…

6 Responses to “We’re having a sale…”

  1. Rob Fisk says:

    Well I queued from 0100 this morning with my sleeping bag and transistor radio. A grumpy bloke with a goatee beard leant out of an upstairs window and told me to f*** off.

    I’ll be back though – just for the ‘craik’ 🙂

  2. salsaboy says:

    Did that pink flame IF singlespeed thats been hanging around for years have a reduced to clear sticker on rob?

  3. Rob Fisk says:

    Sadly no, Andy – but we did see you* in the ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’ panto last week 😉

    *If it wasn’t you, Tim said he’d eat his hat!

  4. Rob Fisk says:


  5. Dave says:

    That IF sounds interesting, what size is it? and *gulp* price?

  6. Sideways Tim says:

    The Ti Deluxe? It’s an 18″ frame and the complete bike is £3200.