It’s only bloody February…

Well, it is tomorrow – 28 days, during which I intend to reduce my alcohol intake, stop eating quite so much crap and actually get a bit of excercise. Might even ride my bike more than an hour a week!

My goal is to lose 1lb of weight a day, but as long as I get to March feeling a bit healthier and happier – that’ll do nicely.

14 Responses to “It’s only bloody February…”

  1. Andy S says:

    You know really for a healthy weight loss you should only be targetting 2lbs a week, though first week you can drop 8lbs or so as you drop a load of water. Know the feeling though mate, must actually start commuting again. Entered this years HONC so have some incentive at least!

  2. Dave Dodd says:

    You want to come upto Delamere on a Monday if you can Tim. We get “free” food at the end due to the riding. So you can combine both of your favourite things and not feel guilty.


    Oh, my mate has decided against the RM frame by the way. It’s only because they’re stupid. Deb’s Mav looks great with the forks on.

    Finally, what size square taper BB is needed for the other Mav, what with it being an e-type and all that.


  3. steve says:

    can I recomend Pontfract cakes, taste good going in, double or triple the amount that comes out 😉

  4. Pete Linsley says:

    I’d better come and retrieve that tin of biscuits then.

  5. BigJohn says:

    Diets make you fat.

    Ask any chubster – how many diets have you done? Dozens.

    Ask a skinny bugger – none.

    Quod Erat Demonstrandum. or summat.

  6. Sideways Tim says:

    That’s why I’m not dieting – merely changing the stuff I eat and the life I lead.

  7. BigJohn says:

    2 stone a month – that’s some change of lifestyle ;o)

    If I did that, I’d be all gone by the middle of August. All that would be left was a funny smell.

  8. Sideways Tim says:

    Well as I weigh 15st 10lb at the minute, I reckon it’s goin to be easy to lose the first two stone. Let’s see what the scales say on February 28th 🙂

  9. BigJohn says:

    I know what mine will say on Feb 28 – “Gerrof you fat bastard!”

    Oh, go on then – I’ll race you to 14st. Today I am 15st 4lb.

    But you’ve got age and “all that riding” on your side

  10. salsaboy says:

    I’d race you to 14st……..but I don’t think I could eat that much food

  11. Rob Fisk says:

    14st? That’d be 2 x Salsaboys 🙂

  12. Blackhound says:

    A Sideways fat club! Looking to lose 2-3 kilos myself but too stressed at work and keep eating. Mrs B is looking to lose 1lb a week from Jan to April for her niece’s nuptials.

  13. salsaboy says:

    2 and a bike rob!

  14. Andy S says:

    I’ll go for a Sideways Fat Club. I’m 100kg which comes out at – 15st 10.5Lbs – 14 would be great, preferably by HONC (15th April). Only thing is I’m “ill” and doing sweet FA barely moving from bed to chair, no riding, not even any walking to speak of. Doc a bit baffled at moment. Still it’s always nice to have a target! (still alive ny HONC?)