Okay, so February was a wash out…

I only lost 5lb overall, due to an influx of tempting food an a lack of enthusiasm. Now it’s March, so I’m starting to take control again. Healtheir diet, more excersise. It’s not rocket science.

3 Responses to “Okay, so February was a wash out…”

  1. BigJohn says:

    As somebody once said “lets see what the scales say on 28 Feb :o)”

    1 lb a week is a healthy weight loss figure, more than I managed, but I’ve got an excuse! Well, give me a minute and I’ll think of one.

  2. Andy S says:

    Well saw Doc this AM for blood test results. Good news-nothing uncomfortable going on in the colon or elsewhere for that matter.

    Bad news – Cholesterol 8.2 and V slight high BP. Cholesterol rcommended level is 5, S-o-T average – 6.5. Dr says I’ll be lucky or doing v well if I can get to 7 but should try. So have now got the incentive to get serious. Ordered a fat analysing set of scales and off to find a BP monitor tomorrow so I can keep a proper record in preparation for my re-test in 3 months.


  3. Sideways Tim says:

    Bloody heck Andy, my last cholesterol check was 5.3.

    Good luck.