Riding in Agville…

Thursday Night ride this week will be courtesy of Mr Ag. You’ll be riding in Agville, Agtonshire.

Call sometime on Thursday to find out exactly where.

I’ll not be riding this week, as I’m going to watch the Gang Bang at Audley Theatre.

4 Responses to “Riding in Agville…”

  1. BigJohn says:

    Is this the one near Agton Towers?

    I fancy a short ride this evening, so a 20 min queue to be strapped in before each swoopy section and be height checked would be good.

  2. Mark 1 says:

    See you at the Gang Bang!

  3. Charlie says:

    Sorry Ag,

    Gonna have to pass. The guys at work have organised a night of sporting excellence invloving Beer and Darts.

    Promise I will make it next time you head Agville way again.

  4. Rob Fisk says:

    I’m at the Paris version of Agton Towers;-)