Let’s Ride!

No really. For definite this week!

Delamere, same time, same place – be there.

8 Responses to “Let’s Ride!”

  1. Dave Dodd says:

    I’ll be there, it was lovely on Monday night, and it’ll be damned lovely tonight as well.

    And we’re already on the way back to the pub!!

  2. Mark 1 says:

    Ok Count me in on this ride.
    It must be a good 6-8 weeks since i have sat on a saddle.

    Need the exercise as well though, getting quite fat!

  3. crayons says:

    no transport at the moment 🙂

  4. keith w says:

    Sorry would love to come but going up the wall tonight

  5. Mark 1 says:

    I havent been up the wall in ages, whats her name.

    You can tell i am bored at work eh.

  6. Mark 1 says:

    Well totally bored at work again!


    Last nights ride was the best, well i lied there, i actually came off the bike twice. Rode into a tree and crashed out over the

  7. Mark 1 says:

    Computers whod have them, my updates gone already i havent even finished typing.

    I was going to say that i crashed out over the bars last night, hurt my back and got a bruised arm through riding into a tree.

    What a crap rider i am.
    Well the pint and the Keebab was great.

    Heres to the next ride in 6 weeks. Joke.

  8. Old Biffer says:

    This was all in the pub car park – yes?