For tonights escapade, we’ll start at Keele, but head into Hanchurch. Like that sound of that?

6 Responses to “Keele?”

  1. Andy S says:

    Sounds good to me, usual meeting spot at the uni?

  2. Dave Dodd says:

    Yep, that sounds super smashing great. Now then, which bike?

  3. Sideways Tim says:

    Hell yeah! Want me to bring your wheels Andy?

  4. Andy S says:

    Can do mate, pretty please.

  5. Andy S says:

    Dave – bring your unicycle – I’ll be on my rigid Wanga so a LOT slower than normal, even for me!

  6. Mark 1 says:

    Last minute change of plan Tim, cannot make tonight.

    Have a good ride though.

    Also understand from the good lady that we are over yours on Saturday for a few drinks.

    See you then.