Delamere Thursday.

That’s right – it seems to come around quicker each time, but we’re back at Delamere this week. Same time, same place…

5 Responses to “Delamere Thursday.”

  1. Dave Dodd says:

    I’ll be there, and I’m going to bring Debs, who’ll be singlespeeding, so can we be patient and steadily paced??


  2. keith w says:

    I will probably come and be single speeding so a patient and steady pace for me to please

  3. Charlie says:

    Sorry guys, off to the Stockport beer fest.

    No riding for me this week

  4. Alex Simon says:

    As someone mentioned being patient, I might come. It will be my first time sat on a saddle since September though. I’m nervous, but if I can do it anywhere, Delamere is probably it (better then heading off into the peaks). I’ll confirm later if I can get the van back in time.

  5. Steve says:

    Splendid. Breath of fresh air.