July – still dry…

Well, it’s over half way through now and I’m still tee-total. Aren’t I great.

In non related news, we’re in the process (all be it a very slow process) of sorting out the back end of the shop. It’ll be jigged about to give us a bit more storage and a decent workshop – so that will be nice when it’s done. It does mean that we’re likely to find some stuff that we want to get rid of, so look out for some bargains, either on the website or in the shop.

One Response to “July – still dry…”

  1. Simon says:

    If you find some nice 100mm forks (pref coil, not too heavy) that you want rid of really cheap then let me know. The steerer on my floats is a bit too short for the Wanga, I’m not sure riding with one bolt holding the stem on is a great idea. I’ve managed a couple of hundred miles without dying though 🙂