Hanchurch again…

Due to last weeks dismal failure, we’ll try Hancurch again this week. Thursday night, 19:30, same place as usual.

7 Responses to “Hanchurch again…”

  1. Charlie says:

    I there, going to bring Mr Webber along to show him some northern trails.

    Ag, dont forget the beast!

  2. snakebite says:

    Sounds like a plan….

  3. Big John says:

    Mud Tyres – check
    Long Leggings (nettles, for the use of) – check
    Winter Boots – check
    Map & Compass (for navigating solo) -check
    Beer Money – check

  4. Dave Dodd says:

    Hoping to be there, but may have to work into the wee hours to get a pedantic job done before going to London at five tomorrow morning ;-(


  5. Andy S says:

    I may see you in the Mainwairing afterwards but no ride for me, knackered my neck and am struggling to hold my head up.

  6. sfaok says:

    Hi there i wondered if you have an email address for the shop? I’m Big pete’s son and heard you were after a new website and what not and might be able to help you out. If you could post up an email address i could send you a link to my website with some of my work etc and maybe discuss it further.



  7. Sideways Tim says:

    Good try Mark, but it’s all in hand. Thanks.