Xmas Ride…

Delamere this week – Thursday 20th. Small ride with lots of coughing and snot and stuff, then off to the pub to spread disease.

5 Responses to “Xmas Ride…”

  1. Dave says:


    I guarantee that we’ll be heading for the pub as soon as we start riding!

    I’ll be there, and Deb’s too hopefully.

  2. 360 says:

    ME TOO.

  3. Sideways Tim says:

    Sorry folks, I’ll not be there – I feel like the something that death warmed up, then cooled down and hit with a spade until it all hurt.

    Have a good ride and here’s looking forward to 2008!

  4. cRaYonS says:

    Would like to have been there but I feel like spade that been hitting Tim

  5. Andy Corso says:

    Merry Christmas Tim ,,,,, hope the snot dries up for 2008!