Thursday Night Ride 10/4

We’ll be a rootin’ and a tootin’ around Hans church, yesssiree.

5 Responses to “Thursday Night Ride 10/4”

  1. Andy W says:

    Must be getting keen. That’s the Thursday night ride advertised 2 days in advance!! Keep it up

  2. Dave Dodd says:

    Hoping to be there. Is it wet (stupid question I know)?

  3. Hugo says:

    The Course for the midlands XC race from earlier this month is a good ride.
    From the junction of the trails where there is some parking down the tarmac road from woodmans cottage on the woods on the left side (as look up road back to newcastle) take oblique uphill to tree line, follow 5 yards into trees turn left and follow trail via drop in to run along fire road single track, keep on and over fire road staying on single track, follow up slight incline on fire road to cross roads turn right, uphill for 200 yards and turn back left along wettish track to next fire road turn left uphill cross fire road and onto ridge run turning left. Continue to end joining track turn left 5 yards turn right follow single track via tight section through trees and then some more singletrack to exit onto top fire road. turn left and then right onto downhill fireroad immediately turn right, follow single track all along eventually coming back onto fire road via steepish exit turn right. Go straight accross major junction, then uphill looking for single track entrance on right follow ST down past Boggy area and continue along round berms, continue along ST up 2 log incline down next and up 2nd incline, at top turn immediately left follow ST to perimeter run follow ST all way round outside to main sandy track, follow track for 100yards turn left on single track back on self up hill follow track to right along ridge to ST that drops in to downhill with log drop straight accross sandy track up hill over log (top marks if you can make it) turn left at top follow ST to sandy track and then up hill to start. Time to aim at is 30 min lap.

  4. Robin Fisk says:

    30 minutes?

    That’ll be 2 rides then…..

  5. Hugo says:

    Only if you are in Veterans or Sport class, elites did 5 !!