Nearly didn’t make it…

What with 2 out of 3 kids ill and no Ag this week, along with Judith at nightschool on a Monday, it was touch and go, but I just managed an hour on the turdblow trainer.


2 Responses to “Nearly didn’t make it…”

  1. Barry Twonker says:

    If youve managed to use the turbo trainer for more than three times at an hour a time, you should be in the Guinness book of World records. Ive had a turbo trainer for 9 years and youve used yours for 2hr 35 mins more than ive ever used mine.

  2. Sideways Tim says:

    It’s 3 hours more use than it’s had in the last five or six years. Watching films makes it marginally more bearable, as does pedalling backwards every now and again – it’s got a fixie on it. Fucking stupid things they are too.