Thursday Night 24/4

Llandegla! Yeah!

5 Responses to “Thursday Night 24/4”

  1. Barry Twonker says:

    I might go if dave can give me a lift, and of course if the Sun, Jupiter and Uranus are interlined in celestial equinox of a parity flange shifts necessary to coagulation of inter flux coordinates (i used to work for NASA you know, did i say NASA? I meant to say Kwik Fit) anyway i’ll be going if it doesn’t piss it down.

  2. Sideways Tim says:

    Cool – see you there.

  3. Dave Dodd says:

    I’m hoping to be there. Now then, what tyres for Llandegla?? Will the Blur be ready? Will it be dry?
    Too many questions!!

  4. Ian says:

    weather forecast dry and clear this evening therefore semi-slick tyres !
    I assume its 7-30 and where do we meet if car park shuts at 7-30?

  5. glenn says:

    I’m almost tempted myself…..