Thursday 14/5

We shall ride around the area known as Macclesfield. Oh yes.

Call to find out where we’re meeting a I’m not sure myself yet.

3 Responses to “Thursday 14/5”

  1. andy a says:

    not for me yet. I’ve let myself go so far that even my 3.5 mile commute is a real challenge. Plus only one pair of baggies still fit! Soon though, even if only to the first hill! Hanchurch, Keele or maybe Delamere. See you all soon(ish).

  2. Andy Williamson says:

    I’ll be there , bike or no bike! I’ll bring a pump.

  3. Sideways Tim says:

    Oops, didn’t quite go to plan that one – we had no power for the whole day, so things got a little bit behind schedule. Shame really as it’s a lovely evening.