Good times ahead…

We have lots of interesting things coming shortly. First there’s a new website (eh, Matt?). Then there’s Dekerf – we’ll be stocking some of that Canadian lovelyness before too long.
There’s ace news from Spot, in that they are now producing frames at a rapid rate and they’ve just bought Maverick! No idea how that will pan out, but it’s sure to be interesting.
There’s one or two other things we’re looking at too, but can’t really confirm at present.

Sad news is that Richard and the boys at Fat Tread have just been given the heave ho from Titus, so no idea what will happen with those now.

One Response to “Good times ahead…”

  1. Alex says:

    I wouldn’t have thought that Spot were big enough to buy Maverick. But I see that Frank Scurlock was an early shareholder in Maverick, so that could explain it. Very interesting though.

    Maybe it’ll leave Paul to keep innovating without the burden of actually shipping stuff 🙂

    Dekerf Elysium – yum 🙂