This, we’re looking forward to…

The Ride Journal

10 Responses to “This, we’re looking forward to…”

  1. Big John says:

    Wassat then?

  2. Sideways Tim says:

    Clicka da linka, bonehead 🙂

  3. Big John says:

    I did. I wasn’t confused before I did, but I am now.

  4. Sideways Tim says:

    Sorry John, it’s a new periodical that’s not fucossed on any genre in particular – just bikes and riding them.

  5. Andy S says:

    Oooh – another magazine for me to squander money on! Yay! I take it it’s a US mag? Do I devine that you are looking to stock said item?

  6. Sideways Tim says:

    Nope it’s english, writted by englishmen and printed in england on english paper.
    No idea if we’ll be selling it though.

  7. salsaboy says:

    umm, I wonder if I’ll be printing it.

  8. Andy Swindells says:

    Well it looked US from where I’m sitting. Yay another UK mag.


  9. Philip says:

    Hello curious folks.
    We’re waiting for the first batch to come from the printers. It will be printed (on quality eco-friendly paper, and with eco inks and everything).

    It will be huge. 1st issue is 148 pages with only 7 of those being adverts (and one of them being from Tim himself).

    No selling out to “the man”, just great cycling tales, personal stories and stunning photos, art, illustrations and stuff about “wot makes bikes great”.

    End of June the issues arrive, and we’ll try and get some to Tim.
    But the webiste is the easiest way to contact us.


  10. Big John says:

    So Lance was wrong then…

    It IS about the bike 🙂