Spot Wool Clearout…

Whilst looking for some stuff to add to our Crunch Busting Bargains, we happened upon a big box of Spot Brand wool jerseys – those of you who are familiar will know that these are the best. You might like to know that we’re getting shot of them at less than 1/2 price too. Here’s a list of what we’ve got – call us or mail to bag yourself one.

Short Sleeve:
Cookie Monster Blue Large £30
Cookie Monster Blue X L £30
Cookie Monster Blue M £30
Team (Black with Logo) M £35
Team (Black with Logo) X L £ 35
Womens Grey L £30
Womens Grey M £30
Womens Green L £30

Long Sleeve:
Cookie Monster Blue L £35
Cookie Monter Blue X L £35
Team (Black with Logo) M £40
Team (Black with Logo) X L £40
Ernie Orange L £35
Ernie Orange M £35
Black XL £40
Grey M £40

Dayton Jackets (double thick and extra nice)
Black L £45
Black M £45

That’s it…

4 Responses to “Spot Wool Clearout…”

  1. Robin Fisk says:

    Put me the Grey (M) aside pse – I’ll collect and ring tomorrow with magic numbers 🙂


  2. salsaboy says:

    I wish I was taller….not small(er)

  3. Raoul says:

    Tim Ernie orange large please Long Sleeve.

  4. Dave says:

    Can I have a long sleeve whatever size will fit me as well please. I suppose it will be large or extra large before anyone else suggests otherwise.