Going well…

Seven days in and I’m still on the wagon. Not actually that difficult so far either 🙂

I think a celebratory ride is in order, I shall think some and post details soon.

2 Responses to “Going well…”

  1. Andy Swindells says:

    I joined you a couple of days late. Went for a Cycle 2000 meeting Tuesday night in my local (Greyhound, Hartshill) and had 2 pints of suash and soda. As you said, I too didn’t even flinch, which I found amazing! Did head for the beer aisle in Asda last night then realised what I was doing.

    Would love too ride tonight but I now work in Rugby and so don’t get home until 7:30. Travel by train so I can’t even just drive straight to the start of a ride.

    Been doing a lot this year (for me), was out of work from New Year until May so was getting out at least three times a week for minimum hour at a time. I also commute to Stoke station by bike so am fit as a butchers dog! Well an old, over weight butchers dog.

    I’ll have to ride over and have a chat sometime.

    Andy S

  2. Sideways Tim says:

    Nice one Andy. Be good to see you sometime.