Why should Haiti and Chile get all the earthquakes?

Feeling a bit left out on the natural disaster front, I decided that we should have one of our own, hence we now look like this…

Emergency, emergency, fetch me a cup of tea and a cinnamon yumyum.

4 Responses to “Why should Haiti and Chile get all the earthquakes?”

  1. Alex Simon says:

    I’ll have to pop down and contribute to your disaster aid fund soon!

  2. turnip ed says:

    Haha looks good! btw Tim,my own small oil based flood appears to have dried up good style since your last extensive treatment.many thankyou’s.

  3. The Modfather says:

    You’ve been tidying up again…..

  4. Big John says:

    That half-link’s in there somewhere. Keep looking – don’t disappoint the customer.