Thankfully we seem to be climbing out of the recession, at least judging by the pile of stuff I have to do in the workshop we are. We’ ve a few really nice bikes go out lately too , but I’ve bern too slack to take pictures of them. I’ll try to remember in future and concentrate on updating the website a bit too as we actually have loads of interesting new bikes and stuff.

Must try to get out and ride a bit too as I’m riding Mountain Mayhem soon…

9 Responses to “Huzzah!”

  1. andy carter says:

    You’ve got 24hrs to do a lap in Tim, training is optional.

  2. Robin Fisk says:

    We really hope things continue to pick up – hopefully see you before MM?

    R & C x

  3. andy carter says:

    Are you going to MM for the weekend Rob?

  4. Robin Fisk says:

    Andy – should be at Afan all following W/E – but will probably do a ‘day trip’ to MM?

  5. Sideways Tim says:

    Got to make it two laps at least and as I’m medically the fittest on the team, that’s a bit if a worry!

  6. andy carter says:

    I’ll bring a bike along if I can make it then, I’ll be you for a lap if you need Tim.

  7. nick says:

    if you’d like you can be either of the other team members as well andy 🙂

  8. andy carter says:

    You’ll be telling me I can solo it next!

  9. Big John says:

    Not thinking of a trip to Hanchurch tonight I suppose?