That’s the weather fixed!

For the last few years, as soon as we get to summer, Judith sets up the paddling pool for the kids. As soon as it’s full, the sun goes in and the rain starts – without fail. Every year I ask her not to do it and every year she ignores me.
Well I’m pleased to say that today I drained the damn thing, so we should be in for a spell of nice weather finally.

Get out and enjoy it – just remember who fixed it for you, eh?

4 Responses to “That’s the weather fixed!”

  1. Alex Simon says:

    Should be pretty good ’till the end of Oct now according to the pattern over the last 4 years. Providing you don’t fill that damn pool again!

  2. Sideways Tim says:

    I’ve stuck a garden fork through it, but don’t tell anyone 🙂

  3. andy carter says:

    Thanks for sorting that Tim, I can hold off putting the heating on now.

  4. pib says:

    And the people did travel to pay homage to Lord Tim of Sideways for this miracle he had bestowed and he received them sitting in his empty paddling pool as his children did wail around him.

    Actually if you can keep the sun out until the 26th it would be appreciated as I seem to have entered the Tour Pro Ride on that day. Apparently it’s for people with no nobbles on their tyres and no hairs on their legs. 🙂