Sunday morning – on a bicycle!

Well, that’s something I’ve not done in a very long time – taken a ride on a Sunday morning. I was supposed to ride this evening with Big M and was really looking forward to it, but he’s had to cancel. I decided to go out on my favourite local ride instead, which I’ve probably not done for about three years. It was lovely, mostly the same as ever, but with odd little changes that mother nature and mr mankind have made to the trails. One minor scrotum/seat interface with a little dance and a bit of groaning to follow, but otherwise lots of slippy, rooty, muddy fun.

More than a few downed trees made for some limbotastic moves, but it’s all good stuff. Get out there and take a spin, you neve know what you might find and don’t be worried if it’s only an hour or so – no-one else cares.

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