Fat bikes…

So, what’s all this fat bike nonsense about then? They look daft, are only good on snow and weigh a ton, must drag like nobodies business and cost a fortune.

Well, I don’t know why, but they’re one of those itches that i’ve always wanted to scratch, but could never actually bring myself to do it. Before I went to Interbike, I actually took the plunge and ordered a Surly Pugsley demo bike – a few folk had talked about the bikes and I thought it might be a good thing to have in the flesh. Once i’d ridden the Surly Moonlander in the desert, I have to say I was proper smitten. They don’t make sense, do weigh a bit, do cost a bit, but you can happily ride them on all kinds of surface, not just sand and snow. For some reason they’re actually fun to chuck around too, might be the bounce you get from those big volume treads, but these things are like biking used to be – fun, just for the sake of it.

I’m off to ride the Pug around Delamere in a few minutes. Guess who’s going to enjoy his ride tonight!

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