Mukluk, muckle fun…

We have Salsa Mukluks available for a while anyway – what makes them good?
Aluminium frame, 170mm rear axle spacing, 135 front, room for 4.8″ Big Fat Larry’s (which we have arriving next week) and they’re sparkly blue. Ace!
Salsa Mukluk Sideways Cycles
It’s a big ‘un!

Salsa Mukluk Sideways Cycles
Blue hubs!

Fatbike Sideways Cycles

170mm rear hub Sideways Cycles
170mm rear hub.

3 Responses to “Mukluk, muckle fun…”

  1. turnip ed says:

    meowl meowl i want one,how many monopoly monies are they?

  2. Sideways Tim says:

    Several – come see me.

  3. turnip ed says:

    haha doh! i’ll try