Sprout Green IF Crown Jewel…

One of my best customers has had this underway for a long time now – here’s a few close ups…

Sprout Green Rotor Cranks

Brake bridge detail

King R45

Brakes and that big ol' headtube

Colour matched Enve fork

Who made it happen?

3 Responses to “Sprout Green IF Crown Jewel…”

  1. Nick W says:

    Tim has done you proud.
    That looks amazing fella.- can’t wait to see it on Saturday.


  2. Raouligan says:

    ‘Kin hell that looks ace, roll on the weekend, what’s worse is that I won’t ge to ride it on Sunday as I’m off to a wedding, forecast looks ace too…

  3. Raouligan says:

    What a fantastic machine the ride across town indicated that IF had done their frame building magic to perfection. Perfectly built all the clicking whirring and stopping set to the legendary Sideways standard. Precision bicycles and building at their very best.

    Cheers Tim